[News] 영국의 드론 우편 배송 첫 시작은 ‘오크니 아일랜드’ 3개월간 진행

‘스카이포츠’, ‘로열메일’ 오크니에서 최초 3개월간 우편 배송 서비스 시작!

스카이포츠와 로열메일은 드론을 이용한 우편 배송 서비스를 영국에서 처음으로 제공하기 위해 오크니에서 서비스를 시작했다고 합니다.

이 서비스는 오크니 아이포트(Orkney I-Port)를 이용하여 운영되며, 오크니 아일랜드 간에 편지와 소포를 운송합니다.
최초 3개월간 운영될 예정이지만, 오크니의 독특한 지형과 아일랜드 간의 거리가 가까워 계속하여 운영될 가능성도 있습니다.

또한 드론 운송은 날씨와 지리적 요인으로 인한 배송 서비스의 장애를 줄일 수 있어 그레임세이와 호이의 서비스 수준과 배송 시간을 현저히 개선할 것으로 기대됩니다.

이를 통해 로열메일은 배송시 많은 배출물을 만들어내는 차량의 이용을 줄이고, 영국의 최외곽 지역 중 일부 지역과 배송을 연결하면서 전기 드론을 사용해 탄소 배출을 줄이는 노력도 함께 할 것으로 기대 하고 있습니다.



Orkney has become the first location in the UK to have mail delivered by drone.


The Orkney I-Port operation has been launched by Royal Mail and drone firm Skyports to distribute letters and parcels between the islands.


In partnership with the council’s harbour authority and Loganair, mail will be transported from Royal Mail’s Kirkwall delivery office to Stromness.


From there, drones will carry items to Graemsay and Hoy where postal staff will complete their delivery routes.


Drone trial to deliver post to remote Orkney island School meal drone delivery trialled in Scotland Drone to deliver masks to Isle of Mull hospital While the service will initially operate for three months, it could be continued on a permanent basis under existing regulatory frameworks due to Orkney’s unique landscape and the proximity of the islands to one another.


The drone service is expected to significantly improve service levels and delivery times to Graemsay and Hoy, as weather and geography can cause disruption to delivery services.


The use of electric drones for inter-island delivery will also bring significant safety improvements by ensuring postal workers can deliver between ports without risk.


Orkney mail drone IMAGE SOURCE,ROYAL MAIL Image caption, The fully electric drones will take mail between the islands, where staff will complete their usual delivery routes Skyports will conduct the inter-island flights with the Speedbird Aero DLV-2 aircraft. The multirotor drone is capable of carrying payloads of up to 6kg (1st).


The project has been funded by the Department for Transport’s Freight Innovation Fund and carried out by the Connected Places Catapult.

Chris Paxton, head of drone trials at Royal Mail, said: “We are proud to be working with Skyports to deliver via drone to some of the most remote communities that we serve in the UK.


“Using a fully electric drone supports Royal Mail’s continued drive to reduce emissions associated with our operations, whilst connecting the island communities we deliver to.”


Orkney mail drone IMAGE SOURCE,ROYAL MAIL Image caption, The drones will improve service levels and delivery times Alex Brown, director of Skyports Drone Services, said: “By leveraging drone technology, we are revolutionising mail services in remote communities, providing more efficient and timely delivery, and helping to reduce the requirement for emissions-producing vehicles.


“We’re pleased to be once again partnering with Royal Mail to demonstrate how drone operations can benefit UK logistics on this project.”



출처 : https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-66340600

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